Gundam (ガンダム) update

Back at the start of March, I reported that there were allegedly bits of the Gundam built in 2009 for the 30th anniversary scattered around Odaiba. Well, there are – except they’re not scattered around Odaiba, they’ve been reconstructed!

When we visited Odaiba at the beginning of April, he was fenced off and construction work on the Diver City shopping complex, which incorporates the Gundam Front Tokyo attraction, was ongoing in the lead up to the official opening on 19 April. It was a total shock to walk along the Symbol Promenade past the Flame of Liberty monument, turn the corner and see him looming above the fencing – especially as we had just told two fellow tourists that we didn’t think the statue was here any more (based on the last information we’d had from the internet about the statue being in bits)!

Diver City is open now. The information I’ve read is that the statue will be there for a year, until March 2013, but hopefully as he is forming the centrepiece to a Gundam related attraction, he will become a permanent fixture. Whether you’re a Gundam fan or not, the statue is quite a thing to see. Judging by the link above, you can now get quite close to him, too.

(It’s interesting, as someone who works in a museum in the UK, how everybody in the video respects the simple barrier around the statue – if the statue was on display at the museum where I work, there would be kids (and adults) ignoring the barriers and climbing all over it.)



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  1. This statue is wonderfully representative of modern Japanese popular culture. I wonder how people will view it in 200 years.


  2. […] Two years ago I reported that the Gundam scale model that had been on display in Shizuoka in 2009 had been rebuilt at a new shopping complex on Odaiba. […]


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