Sad news about Mikoan

I just found out from Michael Lambe’s Deep Kyoto twitter feed that Mikoan has closed. Michael has added the information to his Mikoan review on Deep Kyoto.

My Japanese isn’t great, but the Mikoan website says that a fire happened in August which seriously injured the owner. The message was put up in September, at which time the owner was still recovering in hospital but showing signs of making a recovery.

The Mikoan site hasn’t been updated since September, but I hope that the owner is out of hospital and on the road to recovery. Maybe one day Mikoan will return.

Meanwhile, there is a mention in the closure message about a sister cat café, Nekoan, still being open, so anyone visiting Kyoto disappointed not to be able to eat at Mikoan might like to visit the cats there.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] traditional homemade Buddhist food, that is amazingly good value and extremely tasty, try Mikoan. Mikoan has now sadly closed following a fire. Other vegan/veggie places to eat are Hale in Nishiki Market […]


  2. […] to try to make some seitan. One of my favourite components of the set menu at Mikoan (when it was still there) was the seitan sausage wrapped in filo pastry. One of my husband’s work colleagues has […]


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