Gundam (ガンダム) – another update

Two years ago I reported that the Gundam scale model that had been on display in Shizuoka in 2009 had been rebuilt at a new shopping complex on Odaiba.

On our 2014 trip to Japan, we returned to Odaiba, partly to visit Miraikan and partly to see Gundam up close.

Gundam didn’t disappoint. Here I am experiencing Gundam joy on arrival at DiverCity.

The model is immense. It’s hard to get across in photographs just how big it is. This is one of its hands.

The model stands outside the Gundam cafe on Odaiba. We’d already been to the Gundam cafe in Akihabara on this trip, as we were staying in the area. The Odaiba branch is sparser than the Akiba version. It doesn’t encourage lingering. But then, why would you linger when outside is a LIFESIZE MODEL OF GUNDAM. Sorry. It’s just exciting!

Believing myself to be amusing and original, I slurped up my Haro melon soda (ハロメロンソーダー) and took a photograph of it in my hand to make Gundam look small. Maybe I felt threatened. Maybe I felt a need to put Gundam in its place. Maybe I’m just a geeky idiot.


I regretted my lack of respect, of course. I took some more pictures as the sun started to go down to try to restore Gundam’s dignity.




We left Gundam briefly to take some photographs of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo skyline across Tokyo Bay, but returned once the sun had gone down, intending to take some photographs of the model lit up. What we ended up doing was watching a short film about a bunch of school children who hijack a mobile suit in order to prevent the destruction of the earth. The film was enhanced by the Gundam model moving its head and sending steam out of its vents. It was great!



Our trip to Odaiba was a long and busy one, but at the end of it, it was good to know that Gundam is standing guard over Tokyo. Even if only in the imaginations of geeks like me!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Your pics brought a smile to my face as Gundam RX78-2 is one of the things I miss most! Being able to see him on our way out and back to Odaiba every night was very special and much missed! No worries, nerds like myself understand!


    • Glad they made you smile. I’m 43 and was ridiculously excited to get up close! We weren’t able to see it in Shizuoka in 2009 because a typhoon rolled in on the day we planned to go, so I am really glad that it’s at Odaiba now.


  2. […] on our way to catch the train to Odaiba for our visit to Miraikan and an up close encounter with Gundam. I’ll blog about the shrine in more detail on another occasion, because we’re hoping […]


  3. […] and do. We made a return visit when we stayed in Akihabara in 2014, visiting Miraikan and seeing Gundam again. It can get a bit cold and windy, as it’s a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, so take a […]


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