Rice Paddy Mania

During our 2014 trip, I became a little obsessed with rice paddies. In particular how close they often are to conurbations. I started to take photographs through train windows as we travelled from place to place. The first one I took successfully was of a farmer walking the narrow strip of land between his flooded fields as we rode a train from Aomori to Hirosaki. Then, on the shinkansen from Shin Aomori to Tokyo, I got really obsessed!

I think it might be a new thing for me.

Here are two mosaics I made from the images.

rice paddy mosaic 1

rice paddy mosaic 2

The mosaics don’t really do the original images justice. If you want to see my obsession in all its glory, the set from the 2014 trip is on Flickr.

Because we’ve never travelled to Japan in the summer, I haven’t seen the rice field art, also known as tanbo art, that seems to have become popular over the last few years.

Rice fields, eh? Who knew they offered such enjoyment!


I discovered that Jacqueline M. Hadel likes taking photos from moving trains, too.


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