Miya-San by Martin Hsu and Bigshot Toyworks

My husband is a stop-motion animator. When we first met, I asked him who his favourite director was and he told me it was Miyazaki Hayao, co-founder of Studio Ghibli, creator of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (and Totoro).

It was our 5th wedding anniversary in May this year. Back in January, I saw a tweet that was doing the rounds about a limited edition 6″ resin figure of Miyazaki designed by Martin Hsu and produced by Bigshot Toys. Thinking it would be an ideal anniversary present, I headed over to the Tenacious Toys website to pre-order it.

This is a gif sent out by Tenacious Toys in one of their production updates.

Miya-San by Martin Hsu and Bigshot Toys, image from Tenacious Toys email update

Long story short, the figure was due to be completed in time for our wedding anniversary, but various delays meant that it was only finally released this week. It arrived today, so has now become a late birthday present.

It has been worth the wait. The finish on the figure is excellent, and the custom packaging is almost as beautiful as the figure itself!

Miya-san is now living in our Japanese beauty alcove, where we keep all the best things we have bought in  Japan alongside other beautiful things like my grandparents’ Noritake vases and a kokeshi doll my friend bought me.


He looks very benevolent among the ornaments and souvenirs.



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  1. Posted by narcopathcrusher on 23/08/2014 at 3:12 pm

    I intent to live in japan in the future and your blog is an abuntance of info! Happy to be your follower!


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