Travel Tips

Now that my husband and I have been visiting Japan for a number of years, we’ve been to quite a few places. You’ll find information about where we have been so far on this blog, but when friends of ours decided to go to Japan for Christmas and asked for some tips on what to see and where to stay, I put together a mini guide.

I update it from time to time – when I discover that restaurants we’ve visited have closed, or when I want to add a must-see place to the list, or when we visit somewhere in more depth.

I hope the guide will help anyone who is travelling to Japan for the first time, wondering where to go and what to see, but especially people who are vegetarian or vegan and might be wondering how to find food in a country that adds fish to almost every dish.

My husband and I are in our 40s, with no kids and jobs that allow us to travel on a decent budget. We’re not back packers and, although we try to travel as cheaply as possible in Japan, we’re not really budget travellers either! If you bear that in mind when you’re reading my guide, you’ll be okay.

Happy travels!

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